We have the oil and gas industry experience you are looking for.

Cornwell Jackson specializes in Oil and Gas and has over twenty years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Our expertise allows us to understand the needs of oil and gas companies and provide timely information to help your company succeed when facing complex business issues.

Our area of expertise includes operating companies, drilling partnerships, exploration and production companies, oil field service companies, individual with working interest investments, individuals with royalty interest investments, mineral interest owners, and surface interest owners.  We understand the different nuances of oil and gas accounting and tax laws and the impact they have for each of the above stakeholders.

Our tax advisory services include:

  • Tax planning to maximize deductions related to intangible drilling and development costs (“IDC”), statutory depletion, geological and geophysical expenses (“G&G costs”), and lease and well equipment.
  • Tax planning and compliance for clients with multi-state filing requirements particularly as they relate to withholding and differences in federal statutory depletion calculations.
  • Guidance on choice of entity decisions with concentration in complex joint venture, LLC, and partnership structures and the effect those decisions have on other areas of the tax code such as the passive activity loss rules.
  • Exit planning to minimize tax liability.
  • Domestic production activities deduction calculations (Section 199)
  • 1031 Exchange analysis and transactional structuring consultations designed to minimize the tax impact of a sale of oil and gas assets.

Benefits of Working with CJ

  • Provide insight and perspective to your complex business issues
  • Specialized Oil and Gas and accounting expertise, helping you overcome every unique challenge of your business
  • Use of resources from our dedicated practice group, which is available to answer questions quickly and efficiently
  • Our industry experts keep you informed on issues as they arise that may affect your business