Cornwell Jackson Inc.
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 by Matthew Burton

When we found Cornwell Jackson, our dealership was searching for a CPA firm that A) knew our complicated industry well and B) would take the time to give us customized and personal service. We’ve experienced accounting firms that didn’t understand Buy Here Pay Here at all. We’ve also experienced firms that know BHPH, but are so big they are not able to offer personalized service and help us creatively solve problems–they would rather try to fit our business into a “one size fits all” model.

Mike Rizkal and his team have been great to work with from the start. The audit team was efficient as they did their field work and tried disrupt our business operations as little as possible. They deliver our audits on time, which is very important when we have bank deadlines to meet. Mike also took the time to train us on accounting methodologies so that we could produce monthly internal financials using the exact same methodology, which gave use the ability to access a consistent view of the health of our business from month to month.

The personalized attention and prompt responses from Mike Rizkal to all of our emails and calls is unmatched. The team at CJ has the right combination of industry expertise coupled with a client-focused, bespoke service.

Matthew Burton
Adonis Auto Group

 by Jim Schwab

They know our business. I trust them, I can sleep well at night knowing that from an accounting perspective we’re not going to have any problems. I honestly believe they are genuinely happy that we’re successful and they’re working to help make sure that happens.

Jim Schwab
CrimStone Partners

 by Andrew Gannon

Cornwell Jackson has guided me for the past eighteen years through the growth of my business, all the way through to the sale of my business. They helped me understand roadblocks that arose and provided solutions that helped me overcome those roadblocks; I’m certain that without their very valuable advice and assistance, we would have never closed on our sale. Cornwell Jackson is a very personable, very professional organization that i appreciate, not just as business advisors and accountants, but as valued friends.
Andrew Gannon
EDSCO Fasteners, Inc.

 by Pat Manno

We get excellent service from Cornwell Jackson; we trust them. We get correct answers to our questions on a timely basis. We have a lot of legal entities and they keep track of that for us. They’ve benchmarked our business against other businesses in similar industries so we can see where we stand with our leverage ratios, working capital, inventory months on hand, receivables. We can see where we are and where we need to improve.

Pat Manno
King Supply Company

 by Scott Chaney

“Cornwell Jackson does reliable tax work the way it’s supposed to be done: no voodoo, no crazy ideas. They have good people throughout and give good, sound, safe advice. You get better treatment with Cornwell Jackson and more of a relationship. You feel closer to them. They have no pretense. They lay it right in front of you. They’re knowledgeable people—the kind of people you want backing you up.”

Scott Chaney
ExploreUSA RV

 by Tony Mendoza

I can pick up the phone and call them and say, ‘I want to make sure I get this right.’ Talking to Cornwell Jackson isn’t a once a year event. I don’t feel I’m on the clock every time I talk to them. If I ask them to do a project they tell me what it will cost and they live by that.

Tony Mendoza

 by Bob Schaffhauser

On behalf of Tom McCabe and all of us at KMA, I would like to express appreciation for the value that the firm of Cornwell Jackson brings to KMA.

When KMA decided to engage a local CPA firm after years of frustration with the inattention of a Big Four firm, I recall having told you that ‘KMA is intent on finding a CPA firm that will make a commitment to truly understand out business and add value by providing counsel in the area of business planning, finance, and tax strategy.’ I also recall telling you ‘we need more than just a three paragraph report from our CPA.’ Well, I am pleased to acknowledge that Cornwell Jackson not only delivered on their promises, but also have exceeded our expectations. We got the trusted business advisor that we wanted, but we also fount the relentless advocate that we desperately needed. Thanks again for contributing so much to KMA’s success.

Bob Schaffhauser, Chief Financial Officer

 by Trent Wood

Cornwell Jackson’s team is very professional. Our business can be demanding, and Cornwell Jackson’s Business Services team provides a comprehensive accounting package that meets all of our business’ needs. They are quick and always understand our sense of urgency. We have a lot of on-the-fly needs, and they have been extremely accommodating to the demands of our rapidly growing business.

Simply put, Cornwell Jackson has an all-encompassing outsourcing solution that was a perfect fit for CAF Management. I have a lot of confidence in Banks Woodward and Scott Bates’ ability to take care of my small business, which gives me confidence that Cornwell Jackson can handle the accounting needs of other small businesses, too.

Trent Wood, President
CAF Management

 by Karen Cassidy, Chief Financial Officer

DataStarUSA was with a big 4 accounting firm prior to partnering with Cornwell Jackson. The only way to describe the difference is ‘night and day’. We are now working with an organization that provides all the competency of a big 4 firm but with a personal touch. Instead of dreading the annual audit, our staff actually looks to Cornwell Jackson throughout the year as a resource for guidance and consultation on a wide range of accounting issues. Not only are we provided with what we need, we actually enjoy the interaction with the staff at Cornwell Jackson!
Cornwell Jackson is much more than a top-notch accounting and consulting firm. They are proactive in every facet of my business. In fact, their approach is so comprehensive that they have essentially become our personal CFO. They understand our industry and continually pursue new ideas to minimize tax liability and increase net worth. Cornwell Jackson is my life-long partner, and I would strongly recommend their services.
Karen Cassidy, Chief Financial Officer

 by Eddie King

Cornwell Jackson over the past 20 years has helped our company with expansions into new marketing, management of rapid growth, negotiations with lenders, implementation of tax strategies inside our business, including LIFO, cost segregation and entity formation. They are an active advocate and advisor to our business as well as providing the technical support and advice we need from our accounting firm. We appreciate them for going that extra mile that quite frankly has become a rare commodity today"
Eddie King
King Architectural Metals